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Annual Funding of Ksh1 Billion Would Be Provided for Renovation of Kenyan Airstrips

Posted on : Tuesday , 3rd October 2023

The Government of Kenya has set aside Ksh1 billion annually for Kenyan Airstrips, which will be used to promote freight and passenger transportation as well as the tourism industry by constructing and renovating airstrips located all around the country. The expansion projects, according to Cabinet Secretary of Transportation Kipchumba Murkomen, are primarily intended to accommodate large aircraft.


The CS continued by stating that their primary attention was on the physical structure's renovation, developing and implementing contemporary air transportation policies and regulations, increasing safety measures infrastructure, and expanding building capacity. He went on to discuss the government's plans to set aside around Ksh1 billion, which will allow for the building and extension of Kenyan airstrips each year, enhancing connectivity.


In the budget proposal for the fiscal year 2023–2024, the National Treasury set aside Ksh727 million towards the renovation and extension of Kenyan airstrips. The cash will be distributed as follows in accordance with the projected calculations that were made: Lanet Airstrip - Ksh203 Million, Migori Airstrip - Ksh211 Million, Kitale Airstrip - Ksh130 Million, Angama Airstrip - Ksh113 Million, Isiolo Airstrip - Ksh70 Million.


On Wednesday, when he presided over the maiden launch of the first commercial flight of Skyward Express, which flew from Wilson to Nairobi, Murkomen disclosed his intentions for rebuilding Kenyan Airstrips. The Kenya Airports Authority recently renovated the Migori Airstrip as part of a strategy to introduce the area to the expanding aviation sector of the nation. The task was carried out in two phases. The runway had to be extended from 1.1 kilometres to 1.2 kilometres, and it also needed to be tarmaced to the necessary standards. Additionally, in January of this year, Skyward Express's inaugural flight was launched under the direction of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. which flew to Kakamega Airstrip from Wilson Airport.

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