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US$64m flyover to be built over Coco Beach, Tanzania

Posted on : Monday , 24th November 2014

The government of Tanzania has signed an agreement with the South Korean government to see through construction of another flyover in Dar es Salaam.

The flyover will be constructed over Coco Beach along Toure Drive, where it will connect with the Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road. The bridge will be 7.1 Km in length and will have four lanes and a pedestrian path. It will be able to accommodate around 61,000 vehicles to use the road once complete. It is expected that this will reduce traffic within the city immensely.

The construction costs of the project have been estimated at US$64m, of which the South Korean Government will contribute 80% of the entire costs.

Tanzania is currently undergoing the challenges of congestions, and in order to address that, the government is in the process of building six flyovers and overhead roads. They are being built in Tazara, Ubungo, Magomeni, Fire, Kamata, and Chang’ombe road junctions.

The flyovers will contribute to alleviating the existing traffic jams in Dar es Salaam, as well as to strengthening the role of the Tanzanian road network as an international corridor connecting Dar es Salaam Port and the nearby land-locked countries.

The flyover comes at a convenient time when the country is setting itself to attract the most tourists in the East African region. Coco Beach is considered a hotspot for swimming, beach joggling and a popular place for locals during the weekends.

Tanzania has also invested in other roads construction projects including a major upgrade of Mtwara port and construction of Bagamoyo port.

Source : constructionreviewonline.com
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