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Construction of $31.8b Tanzania China Logistics Centre to start soon

Posted on : Monday , 6th October 2014

Construction of $31.8b Tanzania China Logistics Centre in Kurasini is on the offing following the release of $0.6b to compensate residents where the project will be based. Speaking to journalists, Dr Abdallah Kigoda, the Minister for Industry and Trade said that the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) has already received the money for the compensation.

He said that the development was critical in relation to construction of $0.6b Tanzania China Logistics Centre in the country. Implementation of the Logistics Centre in East and Central Africa project is expected to involve construction of modern trade hub on a 60.4 ha of land in the city. The land will also extend to the Shimo la Udongo, Mivinjeni and Kiungani areas.

Kigoda said the construction project will be implemented in two phases. The first phase will involve construction of the hub to ve used in distributing high quality Chinese products in the East and Central Africa markets while construction of industries that will help add value to agricultural and raw materials is expected in the second phase of development.

Public Private Partnership (PPP) modal are expected, along the China government, to take over running of the center once it is constructed. Yiwu Pan-Africa International Investment Corporation and the EPZA represent China and Tanzania respectively in the PPP.

Construction of the $0.6b China Logistics Centre in Kurasini, Tanzania follows an expression of interest by China to set up trade hubs in four countries in Africa. This happened in Cairo in a Sino-Africa Cooperation Meeting. Thus, Tanzania is one of the four countries.

Further proceeds that allow the construction of the $0.6b China Logistics Centre in Kurasini, Tanzania includes the host government’s commitment to compensate Kurasini dwellers a total of $27.9m in two phases in the last financial year.

In addition to helping the government realize more taxes, construction of the China Logistics Center in Tanzania will help create 25,000 direct employments and 100,000 indirect employments.

Source : constructionreviewonline.com
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